The punk godmother Nina Hagen remains true to herself: the punk grandmother attracts attention among the German mainstream
Nina Hagen rarely gives balanced, thoughtful answers to questions. But she hesitates when answering the question of how to behave, realizing that you are 60 years old. “Probably, as always,…

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Eccentricity and Melancholy: Interview with Florence + The Machine
Two hours before the interview, a call comes in: you cannot drive up early, but is it best right now? Arriving at the Boutique Hotel, located right in the center…

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Roshin Murphy: "They said that I was not a pop star. Here are the cheeks!"
Roshin Murphy is back with a new excellent album. How many years have passed? Eight from her last studio album, which was produced by a whole team of hitmakers. However,…

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musicians again

100 albums that celebrate the anniversary in 2015

An anniversary is always a holiday, and a holiday is double for an album, because many works may be reprinted in special formats with previously unknown material.

Of course, all classical albums will not fit into such a list, but tried to recall the most significant records in the entire history of music, which influenced all kinds of genres that celebrate this year’s anniversary.

1955 – 60 years old
1. Frank Sinatra – In The Wee Small Hours
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Plunging into anxiety: an interview with Palma Violets

Doomed love and paranoia: Palma Violets about their new, defiantly British album.

The city of Austin, Texas, subdued the noise of rain, while Sam Fryer and Chilly Jesson are sitting in a Mexican restaurant, crunching chips and sipping strawberry daiquiri. Palma Violets recently played at the SXSW festival, and drummer Will Doyle, along with keyboardist Pete Mayhew, fled to the lower part of the city, taking with them all the band’s total money, leaving the frontmen only a few meager dollars.

The concert, played as part of the SXSW, was part of the American mini-tour, before the release of the second longplay “Danger In The Club”. If two years ago, the debut album “180”, designated a band from Lambeth as a gang of villains taking inspiration from The Clash, then further performances would have Continue reading

Street freaks: interview with Roshin Murphy

As the voice of Moloko, Roshin Murphy darted from the British club scene to the top of the pop charts in the mid-90s.

The performer, with the help of her third solo album Hairless Toys, came up with a minimalistic sound with discouraging effects, going from experimental trip-hop and pop music to the masses.
Verena Reigers listened carefully and found an inner freak with a love of discipline in the artist.

In Berlin, freaks can not be found either in the city center, or in Friedrichshain, neither in Kreuzberg, nor Continue reading

Test run of a child with Any Assumption: an interview with Primrose
The Moscow cosmo-pop group Primrose presented a video for the song "Falling" at the beginning of this summer. The actress Lyubov Aksenova took part in the filming of the video.…


Songhoy Blues: concerts against musical bans
Jihadists threaten to cut off languages ​​to Malian musicians, but the Songhoy Blues group, wishing to achieve a public outcry, continues to play. Belonging to some people and religion do…


13 strangest musical duets
Inspired by the strange duet of Kesha and Iggy Pop, the editors of the German branch of Rolling Stone magazine wondered what other dubious musical collaborations were. Having rummaged through…


Quantum rock and roll: 11 compositions that open the doors to the wonderful world of science
"The Universe is a Divine Symphony for a String Orchestra" (Michio Kaku) Higgs Boson: Nick Cave - "Higgs Boson Blues" (2013) "Have you ever heard of the Higgs boson blues?…