Nick Cave: The Dark Knight's Revival
In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' debut album "From Her To Eternity", the NME editors decided to recall an interview with Nick Cave,…

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Quantum rock and roll: 11 compositions that open the doors to the wonderful world of science
"The Universe is a Divine Symphony for a String Orchestra" (Michio Kaku) Higgs Boson: Nick Cave - "Higgs Boson Blues" (2013) "Have you ever heard of the Higgs boson blues?…

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Brandon Flowers. In the prime of life
Before releasing his second solo album, The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers believes he has found an adult formula suitable for a radio pop album. Dressed in a leather jacket, with…

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their coffins

You can look to the future with hope. Interview with Neon Lights

St. Petersburg electronic duo Neon Lights was created by two music critics Yevgeny Lazarenko and Max Hagen, in response to the many cries of offended musicians “first try, then criticize.”

Neon Lights is a vibrant new-wave dance project that sounds equally good both on the festival stage and in the club space, and even from the disc of a beginner DJ in a bar on Dumskaya Street.

In anticipation of the band’s performance on May 10, talked to the musicians in the new A2 club’s Sputnik Hall, asking them about festivals, the future of the music scene in Russia, and learned the formula for a successful band.

Are you worried about the future?
Max Hagen: I worry, even like that. Yesterday I went to the store and not just worried, I was terribly paired when I got a cash receipt for some garbage. Today, he became even more tired when our keyboard player, who returned from a forced link, began to push ideas on how to get to Moscow. I don’t know what Continue reading

Endless Story: Interview with Blur

In recent years, everyone has already managed to say goodbye to Blur: quietly say “bye” or roaring “Parklife!” And what did the members of the group do when everyone was already resigned to the fact that they should not expect anything else? They took and resumed musical activity. And they released a great album, The Magic Whip.

Daniel Koch met with Alex James and Graham Coxon to find out how it happened.

You don’t feel that you really are ** ali? What was the pain of parting, the burden of which you have borne all these years? For example, when on June 28, 2009, at the Glastonbury festival, about 90,000 people stood for almost 2 hours listening to the musicians, they squealed Tender before they fooled, they Continue reading

Street freaks: interview with Roshin Murphy

As the voice of Moloko, Roshin Murphy darted from the British club scene to the top of the pop charts in the mid-90s.

The performer, with the help of her third solo album Hairless Toys, came up with a minimalistic sound with discouraging effects, going from experimental trip-hop and pop music to the masses.
Verena Reigers listened carefully and found an inner freak with a love of discipline in the artist.

In Berlin, freaks can not be found either in the city center, or in Friedrichshain, neither in Kreuzberg, nor Continue reading

We hope that during the performances the audience is on the same wavelength with us. Interview with OK Go Group
The American band OK Go will present in Russia their new studio album "Hungry Ghosts". The team will present it in Moscow (February 6) and St. Petersburg (February 7). Based…


The calm before the storm: an interview with Florence Welch
After the magnificent theatricality of “Ceremonials”, the third Florence + The Machine album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” seems very restrained and personal. Florence Welch told Emily Mackay how…


Blur's 24 Greatest Songs Stories
Blur's eighth studio album, "The Magic Whip", will be released April 27, 2015: the beginning of a new era in the band’s history is very close. To set the mood,…


As it was a long time ago, or the first concerts of famous performers.
Everything happens for the first time. Even the most powerful oak grows from a tiny acorn. And it’s always interesting to remember how it all began. offers to go…