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Radiohead: Where do we go next?
In connection with the 20th anniversary of the album "The Bends" John Harris recalls the difficult story of the creation of Radiohead's masterpiece. It was February 1994, and Radiohead had…

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Deep Purple does not inspire us, but Placebo - yes! Interview with Jack Action
“Rising of a supernova” - this is the translation of the name of the new album of Jack Action, which has become not only new, but also prophetic. Since May…

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As it was a long time ago, or the first concerts of famous performers.
Everything happens for the first time. Even the most powerful oak grows from a tiny acorn. It is always interesting to remember how it all began. once again offers…

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Rory Gallagher: Bluesman from the Green Island

There is no place on the planet where rock music is more exposed to blues than in the UK. Two Irish had the greatest influence on her. The two first non-African-American performers to convey the true spirit of blues were Van Morisson with his voice and Rory Gallagher with his guitar.

Like in blues and in Irish music, the song is played for a reason: it always has an emotional story behind it. Not a single instrument pushes it like an electric guitar. And not a single bluesman on the British stage played his instrument so impulsively and naturally, so harshly and at the same time as tenderly as Rory Gallagher. Throughout his life, he felt best at the small stages of smoky Irish bars.

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John Peel: The Legend of British Broadcasting

It has been eleven years since the death of the legendary British radio presenter and disc jockey John Peale, but so far no one has been able to compare with such a talent.

To this day, everyone really lacks Peel’s constant curiosity, his authoritative point of view, and sweet quirks. John Peel, who died in October 2004, shaped the tastes of several generations of fans of good music.

He showed the world hippies who listened to his program, The Perfumed Garden, broadcast from midnight to two in the morning during the Love Summer at the pirate station Radio London. To the psychedelic sounds of love, Peel watched in California how great new bands were emerging, such as the Continue reading

Songhoy Blues: concerts against musical bans

Jihadists threaten to cut off languages ​​to Malian musicians, but the Songhoy Blues group, wishing to achieve a public outcry, continues to play. Belonging to some people and religion do not play any role for them. They are together to unite the rest.

Songhoy Blues are 5 guys from Mali. Alu, Garba and Umar Toure, as well as Nathaniel Dembele. They came together to use the guitar, bass, drums and vocals to draw the attention of the public to Islamic fanatics and their ban on music.

Background: in 2013, a group of Islamists established a dictatorship in northern Mali in accordance with their interpretation of the Sharia. “Jihadists censor even music,” says vocalist Alu Toure, “threatening Continue reading

Thailand for Heroes: An Interview with The Libertines

Miracles do happen. In the second half of 2015, the third album The Libertines will be released.
Kevin Perry looked behind the screen of rehearsals in Thailand that “pumped fresh blood into the band,” says Pete Doherty.

There is a saying in Thailand, just in case of absolutely unbelievable events: residents say “Châat nâa dton-bàai”, which means “Everything will happen one evening, in your next reincarnation.” In England they would say “When hell freezes” or “When The Libertines record a new album.”

And somehow, one of the most incredible days has come. At the end of 2014, for the first time in a decade, Pete Doherty and Karl Barat sat face to face and wrote new songs together. Next, they recorded Continue reading

Muse’s Chaotic Symmetry: The Origin Of Symmetry Story

It was 2001, and humanity was entering the new millennium with hope and fear. Behind – a century of scientific and technological progress, bloody world wars, space exploration, postmodernism and the formation of popular music. Hundreds of musical genres and currents were born, strengthened, evolved, captured the world, crawled to the sidelines, went into oblivion and resurrected in a few decades.

In the late 90s, rock bands increasingly began to turn their eyes to the past. The Strokes and The White Stripes Americans and The Vines Australians, inspired by the aesthetics and sounds of the 60s and 80s, breathed life into garage rock and paved the way for countless indie bands from the 2000s. In Britain, the popularity of Britpop was gradually declining, and Tom York and his associates hit electronic Continue reading

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Blur's 24 Greatest Songs Stories
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We are a very simple group. Interview with Forever Cult
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Mercury Prize Winners - Where Are They Now?
The Mercury Prize '2015 was awarded in London on November 20, the annual music award for the best album in the UK and Ireland. This year, its owner was the…


As it was a long time ago, or the first concerts of famous performers.
Everything happens for the first time. Even the most powerful oak grows from a tiny acorn. And it’s always interesting to remember how it all began. offers to go…