New Muse Era

Brandon Flowers. In the prime of life
Before releasing his second solo album, The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers believes he has found an adult formula suitable for a radio pop album. Dressed in a leather jacket, with…

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Songhoy Blues: concerts against musical bans
Jihadists threaten to cut off languages ​​to Malian musicians, but the Songhoy Blues group, wishing to achieve a public outcry, continues to play. Belonging to some people and religion do…

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As it was a long time ago, or the first concerts of famous performers.
Everything happens for the first time. Even the most powerful oak grows from a tiny acorn. And it’s always interesting to remember how it all began. offers to go…

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Muted attention-grabbing. Interview with Jose Gonzalez

A velvet voice, complemented by a filigree guitar playing, sounding on several albums. Swedish singer Jose González seems to be an artist who cares little about the attention of the general public.
While in Berlin, he explained to Mark Riemann why he was so secretive, admitted how to deal with anger, and reflected on the benefits of self-pity in songs.

Your music has a constant tendency to get lost in the background. Doesn’t such a characteristic hurt the creative ego?
I understand that my musical style is too gentle and soft to attract attention. I cannot keep up with consumer goods on the radio. But I do not think this is bad. It’s about the ratio of “background music” and hit songs. I play for fun. I use music as a Trojan horse and write songs of such a plan that they can be Continue reading

We must try to distinguish good performers from bad ones. Interview with Selfieman

Selfieman is a new project of multi-instrumentalist Nikolai Stravinsky, a member of such groups as Cockroaches !, Missiles from Russia and Fairy Dragee.

Selfieman’s debut album, consisting of 8 tracks, was recorded in February-August 2014 at studios in Dusseldorf and Moscow, and was called “Transparent Things”. The uniqueness of the album lies in the fact that Nikolai is not only the author of the music of all the material, but also the performer of all musical and vocal parts.

The presentation of the disc took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg in November 2014 with the participation of Evgeny Ryakhovsky and Sergey Kivin from the Animal DzhaZ group, as well as Alexey Continue reading

The punk godmother Nina Hagen remains true to herself: the punk grandmother attracts attention among the German mainstream

Nina Hagen rarely gives balanced, thoughtful answers to questions. But she hesitates when answering the question of how to behave, realizing that you are 60 years old.
“Probably, as always, but by no means like an old racist,” the answer appears on her Facebook page. On March 11, the singer and actress should already have known the answer to this question, since it was then her birthday.

“Obstruct” was on the security officer’s request form for Nina to enter the theater school in the early 70s. Such as she, from the age of 12, “dishonestly” refusing to join the FDJ youth in the communist union, and besides being the stepdaughter of the author of the songs, dissident Wolf Birman, could not be promoted. Continue reading

10 classic albums that The Smiths wouldn’t have been without Meat Is Murder

If The Smiths debut album “The Smiths” only sparked a spark of interest, then the second album of the band “Meat Is Murder” really created a subculture.
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the release of the album, we recall ten albums that simply could not have been without this legendary creation of The Smiths.

The Stone Roses – “The Stone Roses”
Madchester would probably have happened without the “Meat Is Murder” (after all, it’s largely due to ecstasy), but it would have been much more boring. John Squire thanks Johnny Marr for guitar freaks and vibble wobbles on “How Soon Is Now?” on the American release of “Meat Is Murder” – inspiration Continue reading

Do not complicate the relationship with the audience. Interview with the NAIV group

This year, the Russian group NAIV celebrates the 15th anniversary of its fifth studio album, Wholesale and Retail. The team will celebrate this event with concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Having reunited after a five-year break and celebrating the 25th anniversary of their creative activity with a full-time anniversary tour, the musicians of the NAIV group do not intend to organize tearful nostalgic shows. They, as before, are full of energy, ready to burn, go crazy, go crazy and charge the crowd of fans with crazy drive and positive.

In anticipation of the “festive” concerts, talked with the band’s frontman Alexander “Chachey” Ivanov, asking him about the “new era of punk rock”, the language barrier in Russia and plans Continue reading

The Beatles 100 Best Songs
The legendary Beatles band originated in 1959 in the UK, in the city of Liverpool. The very first line-up of the group included Paul McCartney (bass, guitar, vocals), John Lennon…


The Unstoppable Hoster
We live in a century of superstars "from a neighboring courtyard," from Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard to Khozier, who is currently tearing away to the full on both sides…


Eccentricity and Melancholy: Interview with Florence + The Machine
Two hours before the interview, a call comes in: you cannot drive up early, but is it best right now? Arriving at the Boutique Hotel, located right in the center…


Roshin Murphy: "They said that I was not a pop star. Here are the cheeks!"
Roshin Murphy is back with a new excellent album. How many years have passed? Eight from her last studio album, which was produced by a whole team of hitmakers. However,…