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Blur’s 24 Greatest Songs Stories

Blur’s eighth studio album, “The Magic Whip”, will be released April 27, 2015: the beginning of a new era in the band’s history is very close.
To set the mood, we offer you stories of creating 24 songs of pioneers of Brit-pop.
“Beetlebum” talks about Damon Albarn’s passion for heroin. “That period in the lives of many people was obscured by heroin. A lot of what happened then.”

Perhaps their most famous song, “Song 2,” was just a draft. “I remember I had a terrible hangover. I tried to come up with a name for the series that my friend wrote about rock wives. And then it dawned on me,” Hits and Mrs! “. And on this, I decided, my day job is over. That same thing with “Song 2.” We didn’t really work on it, “admits Alex James.

Ode to typical Londoners “Parklife” was inspired by Martin Amis’s short story “London Fields”, and at first there was no comedian Phil Daniels, Albarn should have sung these lines, but he decided that he couldn’t really get used to the role.

The inspiration for one of Blur’s best ballads, “This Is A Low,” was a simple piece of paper. When Damon had a creative crisis, he found the long-awaited inspiration in a wrapper with the regions of the mail service. “There were awesome names: Cromarty, Fisher, Dogger and Lundy,” says producer Stephen Street.

“End Of A Century” talks about the slow immersion in the routine of living together, when “couples get used to staying at home and staring at each other. Only instead of candles is the TV screen.” First line: “She says there’s ants in the carpet / Dirty little monsters” – about the raid of ants on the house of Albarn and his then-girlfriend Justin Frischmann from Elastica.

One of Blur’s two tracks with Graham as a soloist (about the second – later) – “Coffee & TV” – talks about Coxon’s fight against alcoholism (“Cos sociability is hard enough for me …”) and two new habits that he tried fill up your evenings. After a course of treatment in the 2001th, Graham will forever bind with alcohol.

One of the songs recorded after the band’s reunion, “Under The Westway” was first played in 2012 at the “War Child” concert in London. She continues the theme of London streets raised in the 1993 single “For Tomorrow” and was recorded from one take. “This is the first Blur song where it didn’t take more than one take, because I hadn’t finished the words before when we started recording,” Albarn says.

Blur’s debut single, “She’s So High” (1990), was apparently directed to a subculture led by The Stone Roses, which were then on the top of the charts, but Albarn claims that all matches are very minor. “Everything we worked on over the course of the year suddenly became popular,” he said then in an interview with NME. “She’s So High” is the first song we wrote, and we didn’t change it at all. ”

Ode to the frivolous lifestyle of 90s English youth “Girls And Boys,” inspired by Albarn and Frischmann’s trip to Magaluf, talked about the British’s adventures abroad, and eventually became a national anthem. “I adore crowds. All these guys and girls meet on the corner and then … copulate. I’m thinking about something vulgar right away. I can’t do anything,” said Albarn.

After working throughout his career with producer Stephen Street, in 1999, William Orbit left to work on “13” Blur. “Street was like a school teacher, tougher. With William, the job was like” do whatever it takes to your mind, “Coxon said. This led to the birth of tracks such as the full Trimm Trabb feedback – completely different to live, jumping songs of past albums.

“Popscene” was a crossover song that marked the transition from the light melodies of “Leisure” to a new stage in the development of the group. Released during the group’s unsuccessful American tour in 1992, it only reached the 32nd position of the charts. “We went out of our way to grab this English ideal, but no one appreciated it,” Albarn said. “But very soon everything changed.”

Although the entire “13” was based on Albarn’s experiences after breaking up with Frischmann, there is probably no more emotional song on it than “No Distance Left To Run”. “I feel very sad for this song. To sing these words meant to admit that something in my life was forever over. It’s amazing that you decide to do this in your work, because it doesn’t help you at all.”

Charmless Man has a rich history. Her protagonist is rumored to be deducted from the former Frischmann – the frontman of Suede, Brett Anderson. After a while, Albarn disowned the song, calling it the result of a “dark and difficult time” when he had a panic attack. Although it was because of this song that the group received flowers from Ronnie Crey, who was mentioned in the text.

Released on Modern Life Is Rubbish under Stephen Street and directed Sunday Sunday as a demo, it was recorded with Andy Partridge (XTC): a very English partnership in theory, but not a very good combination in practice.

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