The Beatles 100 Best Songs
The legendary Beatles band originated in 1959 in the UK, in the city of Liverpool. The very first line-up of the group included Paul McCartney (bass, guitar, vocals), John Lennon…

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Do not complicate the relationship with the audience. Interview with the NAIV group
This year, the Russian group NAIV celebrates the 15th anniversary of its fifth studio album, Wholesale and Retail. The team will celebrate this event with concerts in St. Petersburg and…

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Test run of a child with Any Assumption: an interview with Primrose
The Moscow cosmo-pop group Primrose presented a video for the song "Falling" at the beginning of this summer. The actress Lyubov Aksenova took part in the filming of the video.…

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As it was a long time ago, or the first concerts of famous performers.

Everything happens for the first time. Even the most powerful oak grows from a tiny acorn. It is always interesting to remember how it all began. once again offers to go on an incredible journey to find out where the famous musicians and their groups began, and how their first concerts went on long before they performed in large concert halls and stadiums.

Imagine: see Pulp for 60 cents! That is exactly what the fans paid for the band’s first concert at the Rotherham Arts Center in July 1980, although of course they didn’t have fans yet.

The first concert of The Smiths in its entirety was held on February 4, 1983, in Haçienda (Manchester). “Morrissey was already singing yodel then, he lay on his back, raised his legs in the air … We didn’t rehearse any of this. I remember the faces of people in the front rows: pure shock.” What the hell is going on? “Said Mike Joyce to the Guardian in 2012- ohm

Long before they became headlining for Glastonbury, Kasabian gave their first gig in The Shed in 1998. Frontman Tom Meigan did not want to go on stage like everyone else, so he hid behind the drum kit and waited until everyone else came out. “From there I defiled in the style of Led Zeppelin,” he recalls.

Doors’ Robbie Krieger retained very fond memories of the first concert on November 19, 1965. “We gave our first concert in Hughes Aircraft (California), where Ray (Manzarek’s) mother worked … a Christmas party, something like that. We had to play by jazz standards and all that. Jim had never performed before, but somehow that way we did it. It was fun! ”

The first Joy Division concert is very suitable for their beautiful post-punk music: it took place on May 29, 1977 (also called Warsaw, a reference to Bowie’s Warszawa), opening for The Buzzcocks, Penetration and John Cooper Clark in Manchester’s Electric Circus ” Paul Morley of NME then rightly described them as a “discovery.”

The first concert of Eminem was not crowned with success either. “I was booed. And it was very painful. I remember that it was so damn painful, in my opinion, I went home, and this:” That’s it, I quit. “It’s good that he didn’t do this: overcoming fear of the stage, he is now one of the best live performers, rumored to have received a million pounds for his headlining set at Reading & Leeds.

Led Zeppelin rehearsed “only 15 hours” together before playing for the first time in front of the public on September 7, 1968 in Gladsax (Denmark). “It was a bit of a test concert, see if we can play,” says Jimmy Page. The set consisted of several covers on The Yardbirds, as well as early versions of songs from the first album.

U2 played for the first time at their school in a talent competition in 1976 called Feedback. “I don’t think we won,” Bono recalls.

The first gig of The Horrors (August 16, 2005 in London’s “The Spread Eagle”) took place even when they were goth rockers in the style of Tim Burton, and not gloomy indie, as now. Faris Badwan recalls: “We played that first concert, got another one, and by the third we had already started negotiations with the labels, everything worked out very quickly.”

In 1998, the first concert of The Libertines was held in the apartment of Karl Barat and Pete Doherty on Camden Road (which they themselves called “The Delaney Mansions”), they played for friends, and for everyone who just passed by. Gig, which the group itself describes as a “get-off”, was interrupted due to a power outage, and immediately the audience began to collect money to pay the bill.

The first Kings Of Leon concert was “one of the worst moments of my life,” says Caleb Fallowill. “At a performance at Smith’s Olde Bar (Atlanta), we went out and saw cowboy hats everywhere. I turned to the guys and said:“ More country! Today all the songs we have are an alternative country. “We played, and these guys took off their hats, shouted to us, they were delighted.”

In August 2013, Royal Blood on Monday decided to create a group, rehearsed on Tuesday, and a day later for the first time performed. “It was a local bar, in front of our friends, so no pressure … It was obvious that people like what we do, just like us,” said Mike Kerr in an interview.

Radiohead – or On A Friday, as they were then called – first played at Jericho Tavern in Oxford on August 4, 1986. According to Colin Greenwood, they did not play their current songs. “Before the concert, Raz (Peterson), who was playing our saxophone then, drank six cans of beer, maybe drank them after. The beer was great. The concert too.”

After distributing a couple of flyers, The Strokes performed at the Spiral Lounge in New York in 1999 in front of a small number of spectators. At that time, Julian Casablancas, who would become one of the most famous frontmen, worked as a bartender, and Albert Hammond Jr., one of the best players on Fender Stratocaster after Hendrix, worked in a record store.

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