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The Holy Bible. Richie Edwards Legacy

February 1, 2015 marks exactly 20 years since the day when Richie Edwards checked out of his room at the London Embassy Hotel and disappeared without a trace, right before the start of the planned American tour. Two weeks later, his empty car was found at Seversky Bridge.

We will not argue about what happened to the mysterious guitarist Manic Street Preachers today, but rather use this day as an occasion to once again listen to Richie’s main legacy – the album “The Holy Bible”. And so that the songs are fully revealed to readers of, below we provide a small guide on the main references, names and titles in these thirteen songs.

The holy bible
What is “The Holy Bible” as an album? Many call it a journey through the minds of Ritchie Edwards, but I would not quite agree. Yes, if only songs written by him were on it, it would be possible to characterize the record with such a metaphor. But still, albeit a little, but Nicky also wrote the lyrics, this time. Two, the music on THB creates an equally gloomy atmosphere that the lyrics, and indeed the album is not a collection of poems, the music plays an even more important role, and Richie had nothing to do with it. Yes, The Holy Bible appeared thanks to Richie, but this is not his album, but the quintessence of what MSP was the first years of his career, what eventually became the culmination. Not the most successful, certainly not the most pleasant and easy to listen to, but the most characterizing. Many people, when they think about MSP, have military images and James balaclava in their minds eye.

In Greek βιβλία – “books”. In fact, we simply call the Holy Scripture a “book,” it does not have its own name, which should refer to the fact that it is an “object zero” for world literature from the point of view of Christianity. Ironically enough, for all its supposed canonicity, there are dozens of versions of the Bible, the most obvious example being the different interpretations of the Orthodox and Catholic churches (there is even a version of the Ethiopian church). The Bible is a huge system of texts that has been created over 16 centuries on various continents. The Bible is the first example of mass literature, yes, the very one that is now represented by the Donts and shades of all kinds of colors.
The authors of the Bible are unknown, many researchers believe that the texts have been changed and edited so many times that it is impossible to establish to whom these or those words belong. According to the church version, each Gospel has a specific author behind him, who personally heard Christ’s sermons. Probably it will never be possible to establish the truth. But it’s important that even the Church recognizes: the Bible is the work of human hands, not of God.

According to its plot, the Bible is a speech of God addressed to people, as well as a narrative about the relationship of the Creator with people. In the Christian understanding, the unity of the Bible is determined by the unity of its central protagonist – Jesus Christ. The Old Testament is the expectation of Christ and the prophecy about him, the Gospel is the story of the life, doctrine, suffering and resurrection of Christ, the “Acts of the Holy Apostles” and their message – a story about the first pages of the history of the Christian church. The Apocalypse describes the events preceding the second coming of Christ.

1900 – 8 million Bibles;
1950 – 22 million, of which about 2.5 million complete Bibles;
1960 – 35 million, of which about 4 million are complete Bibles;
1970 – 145 million, of which about 5 million complete Bibles;
1980 – 440 million, of which about 9.5 million are complete Bibles.

“The existence of the Bible as a book is the greatest benefit for all people ever experienced by mankind. Any attempt to belittle the Bible is a crime against humanity,” – Immanuel Kant

Art on the cover:
The author of the picture, Jenny Saville, is an artist from Oxford. Got a degree at the Glasgow College of Art. Idol: Pablo Picasso; her style is often compared to Lucian Freud and Rubens. The object of her interest is usually massive female bodies, she also often depicts transgender people, people with disabilities, people with injuries and deformities of the body.

She allowed her picture on the cover of the album to be used absolutely free after a half-hour conversation with Ritchie about the idea and contents of the album.

Track List:

1. Yes
“Some of the texts I did not quite understand. Some contained voyeurism, and some were written from personal experience. I remember how I first read the text” Yes “and thought:” Fuck @ # $% moron, how to write music? ‘” – James Dean Bradfield

“The song sees society’s view of prostitution as the lowest form of life. But we’ve been selling ourselves all the past 3-4 years, and we think the same thing happens in any other area of ​​life.”

“Marlene Dietrich once said that she was photographed to death. The Indians believe that every time a person is photographed, a piece of soul is taken from him. We got to the point that we also think so. I don’t want to seem like Eddie Wedder, we always try make our pictures pretty aesthetic, but one day you think, “Why are we doing this?” comes with age. ”

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