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As it was a long time ago, or the first concerts of famous performers.

Everything happens for the first time. Even the most powerful oak grows from a tiny acorn. And it’s always interesting to remember how it all began.

BritishWave.ru offers to go on an incredible journey to find out where the famous musicians and their groups began, and how their first concerts went on long before they performed in large concert halls and stadiums.

Blur debuted on June 21, 1989, although they were then called Seymour. Where? At the East Anglia Railway Museum, at a relative’s birthday party with Damon Albarn’s relative. Not really. “We were extremely energetic, smashed the drum kit, smashed the guitars. In general, everything went perfectly, everyone really enjoyed it.”

The Velvet Underground played their first gig on November 12, 1965 at Summit School in New Jersey. They recorded the demo just a few months earlier and received $ 75 for the concert, which is why their drummer, Angus McLeise, left: in his opinion, they were very underpaid.

As you start your career, that’s what it will be: Sex Pistols at the first concert on November 6, 1975 gouged the stage at St. Martin’s College, breaking the equipment that the headliners of that evening, Bazooka Joe pub rockers, lent to them. Of course, they were terribly upset, a fight broke out between them and the Sex Pistols. Before the chaos, however, the group managed to play a couple of covers of The Who and Small Faces.
By the way, the lead singer of Bazooka Joe, Stuart Goddard, was so impressed by the Sex Pistols set that he dropped out and started his career under the pseudonym Adam Ant.

Matt Bellamy smashed his guitar and equipment at the first Muse concert (then “Rocket Baby Dolls”) at a band competition in the Broadmeadow Sports Center in February 1994. The guards tried to pull him off the stage, but he slipped away from them and continued the destruction. A real rock star. Bellamy himself said that they were still playing poorly and did not really hope for victory, so they did not take what was happening seriously. But they still took first place.

The first concert of The Beatles took place on August 7, 1957 or February 9, 1961, it all depends on what you think is the first concert. In 1957, they performed under their original name The Quarrymen at Cavern in Liverpool, with them there was no Paul who was in the scout camp. In 1961 they already performed as The Beatles, a day concert in the same place, then George was almost forbidden to enter, because he was wearing jeans.

Arctic Monkeys paid £ 27 each for their first gig at Grace’s Sheffield Pub on June 13, 2003. They performed covers for White Stripes (“Hotel Yorba”) and Undertones (“Teenage Kicks”). There was a couple of Turner’s early songs on the set list: “Ravey Ravey Ravey Club” can be found on the net.

All loyal Biffy Clyro fans should know what happened on January 31, 1995, namely: the first Scottish rocker show at Key Youth Center in east Kilbride. They formed at a school in Kilmarnock, at that concert they played under the name Skrewfish, opening for Pink Kross.

About eight people came to The Black Keys’ first gig on March 20, 2002 at the Beachland Ballroom & Tavern in Cleveland. “Yeah, and half of them were our friends,” recalls Patrick Carney. Hear the cry of those thousands of people who have gathered so many times to see them as Latitude headliners?

Oasis formed instead of the Rain group, which, by the way, did not have any of the Gallaghers. It consisted of Paul McGuigan, Warren Mackenzie, Paul Arthurs, Tony McCaroll and Chris Hutton, who was soon replaced by Liam Gallagher, and the group itself changed its name. Oasis first played on August 18, 1991 at the Boardwalk Club in Manchester, without Noel Gallagher. Noel was then at Road with Inspiral Carpets, he didn’t really like the performance, but he decided that his brother’s band could serve as a good platform for selling songs that he worked on.

The story of the first concert of Mark Foster from Foster The People is already a classic. Then he played in a hardcore group, and before participating in a group contest in his school, he and his friends took LSD, then they had a “very long, frantic” trip, it all ended in a fight, and Mark himself burst into tears.

“Traumatic” is the word that Jack Steadman describes the first Bombay Bicycle Club concert at North London, where they played Tom Veck covers and 70s funkers The Meters (“Sissy Strut”) for their very unimpressed classmates. “It was a bit of a disaster, but it prepared us for all future disasters,” says Jack.

The Killers first played in January 2002 at the Espresso Roma Cafe in Las Vegas. Then the group consisted of only Brandon Flowers and guitarist Dave Keyuning, who after the concert handed out free CDs with demos.

The first Chvrches concert took place in July 2012 at the Glasgow School of Art, they performed under the name Shark Week. The media has already paid attention to them, even before their first concert. “We were very afraid to screw up in front of dozens of journalists from all over the country,” Martin recalls.

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