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Endless Story: Interview with Blur
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Deep Purple does not inspire us, but Placebo – yes! Interview with Jack Action

“Rising of a supernova” – this is the translation of the name of the new album of Jack Action, which has become not only new, but also prophetic. Since May of this year, the group began a new stage – a successful and vibrant stage. High-quality sound, outstanding lyrics and a real music show are the top priorities for JA.

The guys are known for their performances at the best concert venues and major festivals of the country, including Invasion, Dobrofest, Air, as well as joint concerts with the legendary Fun Lovin ‘Criminals, Antiloop, Peter Hook (Joy Division) and Depeche Mode.

In October 2014, Jack Action was selected by the management of Three Days Grace, the best rock band according to Billboard magazine, from many other candidates presented by Warner Music Russia for a joint tour of Russian cities. During the tour, from the first minutes of their performances, Jack Action impressed with the high level and quality of the show, which was in no way inferior to the performance of one of the most influential rock groups in the world Three Days Grace. In each city, the group was greeted by a warm welcome and thanks from the audience. Not surprisingly, the list of Jack Action fans continues to grow at the end of the tour.

Now Jack Action went on a tour of Russia with the legendary Hollywood Undead. During a visit to our country, Hollywood Undead will perform not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara.

In St. Petersburg, these two very different and at the same time very similar in spirit groups performed on the same stage of Club A2. managed to talk a bit with the participants of Jack Action before their performance in the Northern Capital.

We met thanks to the Hollywood Undead tour, do you communicate with the guys? Maybe some interesting stories happened?
Grigory Yusufov (vocals): So far, there were only two concerts, and only during the second we met.
Evgeny Volkov (guitar): We, in principle, live in the same hotel and see each other in the evenings.
Gregory: Not enough time after the concerts to get to know each other better.
Eugene: A very busy schedule, there is no way to fully communicate.

As discussed more than once, you performed with Depeche Mode and Peter Hook from Joy Division. What experience did you get from these performances, not only personal, but also technically?
Gregory: Actually, speaking with foreign teams, it is difficult to say what specific experience you get. The guitarist saw something, some kind of lotion, or the drummer noticed a chip.
Eugene: We need it, we are interested. Many of our groups live in their own world, stuck in their own rock, in their own music, and do not see how the bands do it in the West and what quality they demonstrate on stage. But at concerts with the band Three Days Grace we measured our strengths, let’s say so.
Gregory: But speaking frankly, it’s not only musicians who take experience, the group still has management, sound engineers, technical specialists, they, of course, watch and communicate. This applies not only to guitars and mediators.

You perform both in clubs and at festivals, that is, the audience is different and the atmosphere is different, but what is more to your spirit – to speak in front of a hundred thousandth crowd or still in a small club?
Gregory: Of course, we are more inclined to speak in front of a large audience, this is a great experience in various venues of various sizes. This is more difficult, but if you start that very reaction, you get unreal adrenaline and a lot of energy, positive and negative. When you receive a charge from a ten thousandth crowd, you give more.

This year the third album “Supernova” was released. You already mentioned that you do not want to show the name that the old has died – in principle, the idea of ​​a supernova is clear to everyone. Did you cover the album yourself or did you ask someone to do it?
Gregory: No, we collaborated on purpose, that is, we have a designer who listens to the material and conveys his impression. Naturally, there are also our wishes, this is a long process. This is not just a photograph, it is really a great composition, and it makes sense.
Eugene: We are pleased to release things that have a good design.

Which bands inspire you?
Gregory: Well, the bands are certainly inspiring, and the modern generation of bands, the same Muse, Foo Fighters, Placebo, is all that is popular now. We try to keep up to date. I would not say that Deep Purple inspires me, but it does not inspire me, but Placebo – yes.

You had experience writing songs in English, for example, the song “Try Again” from the first album. Would you like to go back to this, try again?
Gregory: They wanted and returned. Next year the album will be bilingual.

So there are already plans for a new album?
Gregory: Moreover, there are already texts. After the tour, not just to the studio, but immediately to the tour.

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