Test run of a child with Any Assumption: an interview with Primrose
The Moscow cosmo-pop group Primrose presented a video for the song "Falling" at the beginning of this summer. The actress Lyubov Aksenova took part in the filming of the video.…

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Test run of a child with Any Assumption: an interview with Primrose

The Moscow cosmo-pop group Primrose presented a video for the song “Falling” at the beginning of this summer. The actress Lyubov Aksenova took part in the filming of the video.

Raised on the tunes of Sting, Elton John and Queen, the band Primrose strive for such a sound in their work. For four years, the musicians released two mini-albums, “Light Edition” and “Victory Of The Indies”, and also performed on the opening act of Mika and OneRepublic.

The portal BritishWave.ru talked with the band members, asking them about the new single, charity and why it was necessary to change the name.

Hi guys! How are you feeling?
Grigory Melnikov: The mood is excellent, we frolic
Rodion Kravkl: Great! Sumptuously!
Timofey Smorchkov: Tim just got up until he understood what was happening, but something good was true!
Roman Titenstein: Bad for me! (laughs).

There is an opinion that as you call a ship, you will sail on it. You used to be Indies, did you decide to sink this ship and launch a new ship? What was the reason for this? How is your swimming now?
Gregory: We did not drown him. That sounds kind of scary. Rather, they were released into free indie swimming. Now we are carefully cultivating Primrose (laughs).
Rodion: In general, by the way, it’s fun to compare Primrose with a spaceship that rushes through the universe to a galaxy called “World Glory” (laughs).
Timothy: The new lead ship of the Russian pop fleet, General Primrose, is only undergoing sea trials in the Khimki reservoir, will soon go to Baikonur, and from there it will start into the Universe.
Roman: And I’m a drummer! I do not want to decide anything, I want new sticks!

Recently, your musical life is simply filled with events. Recently we played a big solo album in “16 tons”, released a new single “Falling” and presented a new video for it, when everyone has time?
Rodion: But we are such fidgets. We try to catch everything, I want every day to be lived not in vain.

By the way, tell us more about “Falling”, how was this song born? What is it connected with?
Gregory: Love Song (default). It is connected with such emotions when you surrender yourself completely to a person and this is your conscious step, although it could be on its own. But you understand that you are no longer you, when there is no one who gives you strength to take off, you simply fall. The mood was like that – so the song was born.

The famous actress Lyubov Aksenova starred in your new video. How was the shooting and how did you decide that it would be her?
Gregory: Lyuba passed a casting of 300 actresses. We took it away without looking, mixed up with Any Assumption. And then it was too late to rush about. Well, then it turned out that her husband was the producer of the video. Everything as usual. It’s a joke, of course, for a very long time we wanted to remove something with Any. She is very talented, I believe that she has a very great future.
Rodion: Any Assumption (laughs).
Gregory: In general, the idea to make a video came at a meeting with my friend Fedya Sarokvasha. He is the creator of the Amati Sound brand of high-end equipment. We were just thinking which single to launch next, and he was glad to participate in the creation of the video for “Falling”.

Speaking of Lyubov Uspenskaya, this is almost a legend. Do you know her? Would you like to do something joint?
Roman: Child (laughs).
Timothy: Or a test run of the child.
Gregory: We know each other and I think both of us are a little ashamed to remember. So the next question (laughs).

You parted in earnest (laughs). And now seriously, with whom would you like to do something together from famous people?
Gregory: It would be cool to sing with Rihanna. Firstly, many will hear right away, and secondly, Rihanna will finally have a good song. Or we’ll have a good song (laughs).

How was the recent concert at the Mummy Troll Bar?
Gregory: It was wonderful, I would even say very cool. This day was the Champions League final, and we did not think that so many people would come to us – the site was almost full. The mood was excellent – that was all great. Plus, really liked the place.

What are your feelings before live concerts, which after? How do you prepare for live?
Gregory: Live concerts are always a thrill, no matter how much you play them. Euphoria on stage and buzz after. Live – this is a real drug – it seems like every time it is squeezed like a lemon, but I want more. Therefore, if you choose between such drugs and real ones, I am for such and for a healthy lifestyle. Children, drugs are bad!
Rodion: Feeling of euphoria. And we are preparing very harshly and severely. And so every time we increase the dose. We just need power, fame and fortune (laughs).

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