Large Group Theory: Interview with Mumford & Sons
A folk group giving stadium-scale concerts that ... never wanted to be like that. Recently, they presented a rock album recorded in the classic traditions of the genre together with…

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The punk godmother Nina Hagen remains true to herself: the punk grandmother attracts attention among the German mainstream
Nina Hagen rarely gives balanced, thoughtful answers to questions. But she hesitates when answering the question of how to behave, realizing that you are 60 years old. “Probably, as always,…

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Do not complicate the relationship with the audience. Interview with the NAIV group
This year, the Russian group NAIV celebrates the 15th anniversary of its fifth studio album, Wholesale and Retail. The team will celebrate this event with concerts in St. Petersburg and…

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Tim Cook: “Apple Music will forever change the way you perceive music”

“Apple Music will forever change the way you perceive music,” Tim Cook said at a conference in San Francisco to everyone in attendance, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of music lovers who watched their homes.

Details about the corporation’s project, a service that will compete with Spotify and Tidal, have long been unknown. Everything changed that day, at a chic event with the participation of Drake, the performance of The Weeknd and, of course, the first look at the platform’s elegant design as always.

In short: Apple Music will launch on June 30 and will provide subscribers with access to a library with over 30 million songs for $ 9.99 a month. It seems to be just like Spotify, right? Well, then it became more interesting, it was announced about the 24-hour radio, which will be hosted by Zane Lowe and others, this radio will bring the human factor to streaming services.

“Algorithms are not enough, you need a man,” said Guardian Jimmy Iowin. There have already been rumors of some kind of integration of video and social media, which raise hopes that something truly innovative is happening. “The music industry is a crumbling mosaic. If you want to listen to music, come here. If you want to watch a clip, you have to go there. If you want to follow a musician, it’s all complicated.” “Difficult” – probably an exaggeration, you can simply open a new tab in the browser, Jimmy, it does not require much brain effort, but there is a sense in his words.

Apple Music is “a place where music is not just digital information, but art,” said Trent Reznor, who was involved in the creation of the platform. Is it about the same upheaval as the advent of the iPod? It is unlikely to be another iTunes Ping, a music and social platform created in 2010, abandoned in 2012, but will Apple be able to withstand Tidal stars and Spotify’s popularity? Here are five reasons why he can, and five more reasons why the predicted revolution may not happen.

PROS: Apple Music offers “the largest and most diverse collection of music on the planet.”
Many of the musicians who removed their music from Spotify are rumored to be selling their albums via iTunes due to the low fees of the Swedish service. Apple, after a decade of unrivaled dominance in the technology market, can make any musician a better offer, unlike Spotify, which barely received revenue in 2014, although its cost is estimated at 777 million pounds. This is a plus for musicians and a plus for listeners who don’t have to count how many times they need to listen to the Palma Violets album on Spotify so Chilli can buy a jar of beans.

CON: Sound quality is likely to be worse than Spotify and Tidal
Apple has confirmed that the music quality on Apple Music will be 265kbps. What, for those who don’t really go deep into technical stuff, lower quality on Spotify, Google Play Music, Tidal and even Beats Music, the platform that Apple will absorb with the launch of Apple Music – they all offer 320kbps music.

PROS: It will not ruin you
Three months of free access, after which users will pay 169 rubles a month – unless, of course, they choose a “family plan” in which six people can use the same account for an additional 90 rubles. There is no free option, like on Spotify, but maybe it’s for the better. How many times have I listened to a new Spotify album and wondered if all these inserts between songs about visiting Australia and the dangers of teenage pregnancy are needed before I realized that this is an advertisement (which, in fact, is alarming).

VS: Still remember the trick with the U2 album? Apple Music will be as persistent
Don’t want Apple Music? Very sorry. The application will be automatically installed with an iOS update to version 8.4 this month, and all new iPhones will be sold with it in the kit. An insider leak last week revealed that Apple is targeting 100 million subscribers. To achieve such numbers, the company will install Apple Music on your phone, whether you like it or not. So if the release of the U2 album last year made you furious, then you better get ready.

PROS: Apple Music Connect will support Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and more.
Musicians will be able to send texts, photos, videos and that only fans will want right on their phones. “The musician will be able to answer you personally,” the statement cheerfully stated, filling the heads of the fans with pictures of instant news, exclusive materials and communication in one place. It sounds cool, of course, but one day the Kasabian album will be merged, because Serge will forget to lock the phone, sit on it and press the wrong key. But seriously – what might not like in such an idea?

CON: This may hurt album sales
Apple insists that users who want to upload an album to iTunes will not want to just “rent” this album from Apple Music. This is generally a wrong look. It is impossible for a listener who wants to buy an album to say that he is wrong.

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